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Will I see pests after treatment?

After treatment some pests will still be present for a period of time, but the population will decrease continually over the first week. Pests outside the treated zone will not be affected by the product applied unless they enter the treated area. The residual treated zone acts as a barrier to help keep pests away from your home. The barrier treatment is the most effective pest control, and we suggest an ongoing service plan like our Home Guard pest barrier protection plan for every customer.

How long does the Home Guard pest barrier protection plan treatment last?

It is difficult to give an exact length of time. It will depend on the type of insects we’re treating for and the weather. In most cases, the Home Guard pest barrier protection plan will last up to 8 weeks. That’s why we suggest bi-monthly treatments for your home, but if you have less tolerance for pests, we can plan on monthly service.

Will Rain affect the pest barrier treatment?

 Once the spray has dried the product leaves behind a durable residual that adheres to surfaces and is resistant to being washed away. We use some granular products that are activated by water, increasing the effectiveness of the barrier. To best control the target pest, we will take into consideration the site location and the time of year.

Why should I hire a professional instead of doing it myself?

As licensed pest control technicians we are able to use better quality products which produce better results. Our products are designed to have fewer odors, less chance of leaving ugly stains, and less opportunity for misuse than store-bought products applied by the homeowner.

Why can't I get the same materials at a home improvement store that you can get?

Our materials are meant to be used for specific methods of treatment depending upon the type of pests that are causing the problem. Some products we use are never released to the general public because they could do damage to other beneficial insects if handled improperly.

I have pets and small children, are your products safe to use around them?

Safety is our number one concern. All of the products we use are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and when applied correctly are all family and pet friendly. However, we do ask that you keep pets and children out of direct contact with the spray until it has had time to dry.


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