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Professional and excellent customer service in our conventional or organic turf spraying and insect control services. We provide programs for both turf and fruit trees and offer a full service, year round, weed control program.

Pasture Spraying

We can provide our customers with sustainable solutions that can help to improve the value of hay, to enhance forage production and to protect investments in land, cattle, horses and other livestock. Greenway Spray LLC is licensed to safely apply herbicides to effectively control pasture weeds. Weeds reduce the production of your pasture and have the potential to harm your livestock. The healthy grazing of pastures, combined with proper fertilizing, PH, irrigation and weed control, promotes the overall health of your pasture. Should invasive or unwanted weeds appear then early spraying of the pasture before the weeds become viable is an effective management option. This is done in the early spring and fall depending on the types of weeds that are present.

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Poison Oak and Blackberry Spray

Greenway Spray can develop and implement an effective program to eliminate poison oak and blackberries on your land. A thorough assessment will give us the steps to protect the plants you want, while getting rid of those pesky plants you don't need. 


Lawn Fertilizer: We can provide organic or conventional applications. Lawn fertilizer is essential if you want to create a healthy, green lawn that is the envy of your neighborhood. To develop turf that is resistant to disease, insects and weeds, Greenway Spray will incorporate a balance of specially formulated nutrients and slow-release grass fertilizers into your seasonal maintenance program. 


Call us for more information on our Lawn Disease, Lawn Insect Treatment, and Lawn Weed Treatments services.

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Trees and Shrubs

Health & Protection: Greenway Spray, LLC can protect the trees and plants in your landscape throughout the year. We will provide an inspection and overall health evaluation of all your landscape plants, trees and shrubs. These services include:

  • Deep root feeding of trees.

  • Dormant oil treatment of shrubs and trees (reduces over-wintering insects and diseases to prevent these problems during the spring and summer).

  • Fertilization of shrubs and ground covers.

  • Diagnosis of insect and disease problems, plus recommend treatment as needed on all shrubs, ground covers and trees.

  • Advice on proper watering, trimming, pruning and other tips to keep your trees, shrubs and ground covers looking their very best.


Bare Ground Weed Control: Greenway Spray specializes in soil sterilization and industrial bare ground applications for commercial property. This service addresses areas that need clear and safe work surface free from any vegetation for site security and reducing fire hazards. Service locations include: gas pipelines, utilities, remote antenna sites, truck terminals, and any other entity that requires a weed free area.

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Ground Squirrels

We will create a comprehensive IPM program for your entire facility to address favorable conditions before infestations occur. Treatments for various pests may be over-lapping; efficiency is increased by addressing all of the conditions simultaneously.

A variety of strategies may be integrated into the pest management program for each individual site.

Strategies will include actions by our technician as well as the client, which may include chemical and non-chemical treatments, sanitation and exclusion.

Repairian Restoration

Greenway Spray does Reparian Restoration.

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